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Did you already participate in an incubator/accelerator or in another pitch event? If yes, in which one? Did your project already get media attention?

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Information below this point will be printed in a booklet for the jury and attending investors.

Briefly describe in which stage your product is right now and which milestones you received so far.

Describe your product. You should be precise and keep it simple.

What is different about your idea. Why should we buy your potatoes and not the ones of your neighbour?

Briefly summarize the area you are acting in. Who is your target group, how large is the market and how is it expected to grow?

Briefly list your main, direct and indirect competitors, their main strengths and state a competitive outlook.

Please provide an overview of your concept - how are you going to create revenue and growth in the short and long term.

Would you be willing to give up equity? If yes, how much and for which valuation are you striving?

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